How to Share the Gospel with Two Questions

Happy Easter! Would you like a way to share the good news? Well, I’ve started many conversations this way. And the majority of them turn out polite, thoughtful, and an interesting exchange.

Here are the two questions I use to share the good news:

First I ask, “Do you think heaven is a perfect place?” Most people say, “Sure.”

Second, I then ask, “Are you a perfect person?” People then realize there’s a problem. I let them know that I’m far from perfect. So we all have a problem. If heaven is a real place, then God can’t let humanity into heaven the way we are now. If he did, heaven would have the same problems we have on earth. Wars, torture, rape, injustice, and all kinds of cruelty. In short, it wouldn’t be heaven anymore.

That’s why the resurrection is so important. If the resurrection of Jesus is true, then He probably is who He said He was. God.

Bottom line:  If the resurrection of Jesus is true, then eternal life is both probable and available!

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